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this mfupa ghassia with a LARGE face has always been average hapo 4/10

Hii malaya ishai piga some colleague in the media character development. Nigga had to steal his own Benz :D:D:D

Title ya post na pic haziambatani.

Worst invention in human history - not the nuclear bomb or gunpowder, but camera filters. Followed by make-up…


Nulihurumia huyo msee

Huyo mumama ni nani hapo yuu…


Huyu mumama huwa si mrembo

Senior reporter KTN. Joy Doreen biira

How social media turned to a tool for attention seeking must have shocked the developers themuselefus.

tupeeni whole story

some simp workmate bought her a benz .Things didn’t work out he had to steal the benz from her she reported to the police and denied being gifted the benz claiming its hers

THEN what happened?

Former KTN news editor Aaron Ochieng was arrested on December 31st 2016 for stealing Joy Doreen Biira’s Kes 2.8 million Mercedes Benz.

Aaron made outrageous claim that Doreen and him were actually lovers and that they conspired to steal the E 220 Mercedes Benz.

he former KTN journalist, who is he’s seeking out-of-court settlement, has since come clean on the theft of Joy Doreen Biira’s Mercedes Benz.

In a letter presented in court, a remorseful Ochieng admitted acting alone in the theft of Joy’s Mercedes. He asked Joy and the court to forgive him for what he did.
“I do regret my actions and accusations and want to publicly apologize to Ms Biira and her entire family and beg her and this court to forgive me. I wish to request from this court for permission to discuss with Ms Biira and her representatives the possibility of solving this matter out of court in a period of one week after which we can return to this court,” wrote Aaron Ochieng.