Had promised to stop but i could not resist.

On Saturday as i was on my way home after a disappointing day at the office i meet with this lady who was a friend of a friend. She is married and has a small boy whom took to liking me ( i have the personality ya kupendwa na watoto) she was from the supermarket and was relay loaded and the boy was with her walking. When he saw me akaja mbio Uncle!! Uncle!! I offer to help her with the shopping bags. Once we get to her place i get some cold juice as i entertain the boy. Kusema nikutoka the kid ananza kulia so i stay longer coz i had nothing to do at home anyway.

So to cut the long story short the by finally falls asleep in my arms mama amempeleka kulala. She comes back and the kadevil in me tells me omba hii kitu. So i first compliment her on her looks. Not to lie she looked more younger than the last time i saw her. she tells me she has been going to the GYM and its funny i should notice it coz huyu mzee wangu has never told me its like he doesn’t see.

She complains of how men do not appreciate the effort their wives make. She tells me hata hayuko alienda on a job assignment and it has been 3wks now. lets say one thing led to another and the woman nikakamua. Let me tell you she was one hot fucker her pussy was soo warm n tight i could not believe it. I know of girls wenye hata hawajazaa and much younger than her (she is like 45 yrs) who have wide and very cold pussies kama fridge.

Now am making a new new year resolution hakuna kukamua mabibi ya watu but for this one lazima nitachovya mara zingine kama tatu.


Mtoi aliamka akikuita “daddy, daddy”?


Talkers always land the best free pussy even when they show the least interest but the situation always magically works in their favour.


Still standing on karl max grounds :::Bibi ya wenyewe “APANA”


Hii hekaya ngoja uone @kichwakibovu and the Mharo people wakipeleka kwa sites zao na kukuanika vibaya sanaaaaaa


He he…goin to the gym makes one flexible n firm, bt s married woman nope!!

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Only saw that sentence.

That mama used the kid as bait.:D:D that’s a classic.

Most ladies in their 40s are tight for some funny reason…but hii story inakaa fictitious kama complexion ya Sidika


:D…mmmh umeanza mapema sana

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Endelea kukamua mabibi was wanaume ile siku utapatikana 2 hot slaps and a sweep will be the order of the day

Hehe… boss uyo mtoi atatoboka story budake akikam…that is if he saw you leave the bedroom. Other than that, you will get off scot free:D:D

@Purr_27 that could be true but how comes many younger women are cold and very loose down there? na maji maji? I expected this older women to have colder pussies but was presently surprised.

Hata mbisha ya door bell jameni?


Mbisha ziko but ctaki kuza mke wa mtu hapa. mzee aneza kuwa talker.

… na kukamuliwa nayo!

men you have one weakness show or give your woman attention and i guarantee you hatapeana nje. Kwanza if you travel a lot you should do this s lot hata akingolewa kope just compliment .

picha tafadhali