hacking tala and branch

the mediatek phones you can edit your phone imei and then take a loan from the app

but you can’t edit your phone number and ID

that’s very easy go to a public notice board get an id no. from there endea Yule beshteako wa mpesa unajua a register line na iyo I’d no. and then after taking the loan withdraw the money and dispose the line and start the cycle again

now that makes some sense no wonder the sim cards that were found in Kitale the other time



swafi leta more details

kwani hizo app unachukua tu loan hivo ? maximum how much ?

yeah ni ivo unapata ma dooh

kaa unajua kutumia engineering mode niivo

Mwizi wa pesa nane detected!


I like white collar hustles :D:D

utangoja hadi ukufe

Ratting of the highest order

Genes of @dark massai detected. Here are ua fellow hustler’s

Hiyo ni softh stealing hakuna MTU anapigwa magumi ama kuumizwa

Now,these apps use your info,that you allow for them to acess when installing the app to give you the loan.
They require you to log in to your Facebook account, you must be active to receive more, and also they access your messages for Mpesa,bank transactions history,then they can give you the loan.
A friend tried Branch for a quick loan,but was qualified for 500/- bob yet he transacts a lot daily,just simply because he had deleted all his mpesa transaction messages from his phone.
I don’t think they’re stupid.

And with Safaricom issuing smartphones to all agents, it is a requirement that the owner of the ID is photographed, plus the ID itself,front and back when registering a new Sim Card.

Kamiti haitambui hiyo.