Hacker Takes Over Indian Scam Call Center, Hijacks Web Cams & CCTV. BIG PANIC!!, LOCKS PC, Deletes Their FILES




Noma sana

Kuna zingine the hacker anaclear account ya scammer iko na kitu $3K,in another he obliterates a couple of systems and erases everything including songs:D hapo tunakosana aki ya nani, ingine kwa patreon anapost ngwati kwa screen yake in full voliyum. The hacker guy is a super hero considering those chutyas have stolen over 3B from old folks. He has managed to get almost three quarters of the money through backdooring,partnering with the feds and arrests

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Kinyos izo links zikuom pris

Ziko you tube banae,ni kibao kuruka,kutafta nitamaliza ngware. Huyo boy anaitwa Kitboga

Kimeumana :D:D:D

So scamming is big business in India?

Indian, email [email protected]

Jimbrowning, scammer payback, etc are some channels dealing with that. Nigerians pia ni wengine

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