Habari Zenyu?..

Now that mwaka nikuisha unaisha,what have learnt so far in 2017? Mie nimekuja kuona not every one will be happy for you in the successes you make. Dont tell just anyone as most people’s first instict is to exploit you of what it is that you’ve gained. What has life taught you so far?

Leta full hekaya boss.

Hehe. Not everything has a full hekaya behind It. Its just an observation,common mostly with women. There is one i told of vile nilinukisha kitunguu ile holiday ya swearing uhuruto only for her to suddenly start asking for financial favours

Hi @Afro


Zenyu huwa lugha gani boss ?

Niaje mwalimu wa lugha


Kunguru hafugiki.

Am not yet at the top and even with all i have got ain shit.2018 is about taking the whole chicken i don want the leg… widen my scope of operations…


what I learnt is that always SAVE Rainy days do come and they hit HARD

What I learned many years ago is that you don’t discuss how well you are doing with any female including your mother. 2. Never loan money you can’t afford to lose to a woman.

My lesson is to never ever ever trust a Kenyan. End of story. Even now nimepata 1 milli calls to not declare my arrival as it might lead to Mum being stabbed hapo Limuru ends.

Kwanza cousins wanaweza kupangia mtu.

2017 has been the worst ferking year. I will WIN in 2018

Hii mwaka…
Business wise it was better than last year despite the political noise
-Relationship wise niliongeza kijana na mwk but ikaleta joto sana kwa nyumba but eventually I think sasa kuko poa
-Pande ya my health nimejiwachilia kidogo juu hii hustle imefanya sina time ya gym.

I was too nice this year… Now, in 2018 fuck with me and yo screwed…!! Won’t be anyone’s doormat… :slight_smile:
Probably my new year resolution…

Nipe nyap kabla ukuwe ngumu kama superglue

Life goes on. Sometimes just hold on. It might never get better but just hold on. Na most times we are our worst enemies. Hii mwaka nimekuwa autopilot most of it.
Went to rehab 3months.Stayed sober three months. Relapsed. The upside of it is siku izi I can tell when I’m going down a slippery path and quickly pick myself up.