Habari zenyu wanainchi ama ni wenye nchi??

Happy New year. Is it just be or are days flying? Just the other day tumeruka mwaka. Aii something is up.

I see some of us are still horny as ever na wenye matusi bado wanawakilisha. But ni poa that we are all still here. Have y’all made wishes and resolutions? I haven’t. The ones I made last year resulted to naught so this year I will just live.

This Christmas was a good one, I had the fortune of not having traveled upcountry, economy ilikuwa mbaya. Lakini news reaching me from reliable sources say that this year a special prayer was said and everyone has their hopes high that I will bring a “son” home. My fellow villagers, there is consensus (with exception of me) that I am in the market for a huZband. Basically it’s either I do it this year or nipeleke tu mtoto. My friend’s mom told us “pateni watoto, sio kazi mingi…dakika mbili tu, alafu akifika miaka mbili anza kutafuta pesa”. Aiyaiyai hii pressure ni mingi. END of RANT.

It is good to be here, alive, whole and well. Cheers to another year.

happy new year to you, and yes, i made a resolution that i wont make a resolution :D:D:D


Sonokaaaa múno



kam tutengeneze mtoi.

Am the tall dark handsome

Happy new year to you. Mimi nilikuwa mashambani ocha, nilirudi on second Jan. No resolution made. I am all the same

with a Small Di**

yeap. considering your pussy diameter hits an obtuse angle

Be nice.

Happy new year to you too!

All the best in quest for a husband in your quest to fulfil this quest, the most important role a woman is here on earth to play is have a family (debate on another day) here is my free unsolicited brotherly anecdotal advice on what I think makes a good husband or Man for that role. its not factual just based on my experiences, biases & observations!

  1. Stable source of income! (business or employment doesn’t matter, non negotiable) I believe men who lack this have no role procreating!
  2. Older than 35 preferred ideally least age is 28! Men less than the stated age have no business getting married & having kids!
  3. Religious or spiritual with a caveat major religion/s
  4. Cool under stress, controls his temper. A man who cannot manage his emotions / temper / stress is still a ‘boy’
  5. No bad vices too much drinking, smoking, gambling
  6. Keeps fit gym or plays a sport leads an active lifelstyle (bonus)


All the best this new year. May the stars align to gift you a reach husband

Happy new year,

MJ what are you bringing to the table to get that man that you desire?
Weka specifications,dimensions, accomplishments and personality strengths tusome tuone kama wewe ni buroti maguta maguta :D:D

You do remember this nigga GAY as fuck…

Tulikuambia uwache ufeminazi na haukusikia. Sasa ona

@kah tony beba Longines uje mbio

Nangoja watu wote wajitetee kwanza…Alafu nikuom nifunge hii duka