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[SIZE=7]Ex KCPE candidates from Baringo ask police officers to impregnate them[/SIZE]
Nov 13, 2018 2:55 PM
[B]- The girls sent their brothers to call the officers from the camp

  • They explained to the officers they want to continue with their education after the KCPE exams[/B]

[B]- They police officers sent them away and reported the matter to the area assistant chief

  • According to the chief, cases of teenage pregnancies after completing KCPE in the county was high
  • He also blamed peer pressure among the teenagers[/B]
    Despite efforts by the government and the Ministry of Education to curb teenage pregnancies in schools, the girls might also be blamed for the increasing numbers.
    These comes after three girls who sat their KCPE examination early this month stormed an Administration Police camp in Kapkoiwo sub-location , Baringo North sub county demanding to be impregnated.
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    According to the area chief it has become a trend for most girls in the area to fail to join secondary schools after they get pregnant immediately after completing KCPE examination.
    According to the area assistant chief Joshua Kale the girls aged 13 and 14 who tried to influence the AP officers to have sexual intercourse with them were from Poi boarding and Kabarkebo primary schools.
    According to one of the officers, who requested anonymity, the ex - candidates claimed they did not want to continue with their studies and thus demanded they be made pregnant by the officers.
    [INDENT]“The girls said they no longer wanted to proceed to secondary school so they demanded pregnancies…we wanted to discipline them immediately but to avoid issues we had to send them away and later reported the case to the area assistant chief” said the officer.[/INDENT]
    The officer added the young girls tried to gain access to their camp through their younger brothers whom they sent to call the officers.
    [INDENT]“They sent their younger brothers to call the officers from the camp. It was late at night at around 10 pm. We reported the issue to the chief’s camp where we handed in the three girls,” added the officer.[/INDENT]
    According to the area chief, their action might be a way of cutting short their education as has become a trend for most girls in the area to fail to join secondary schools after they get pregnant immediately after completing KCPE examination.
    [INDENT]“They might want to cut short their plans to join secondary school next year. We are going to ensure that appropriate action is taken to ensure such cases stop,” said Kale.[/INDENT]
    He cautioned that peer pressure among teenage girls in the area might also have led to their decisions and called on parents to ensure their children are advised accordingly.
    [INDENT]“We can blame it on the peer pressure among teenagers. Parents need to take a lead to prevent such cases,” the chief added.[/INDENT]
    However Poi Primary school head teacher Joseph Lagat confirmed indiscipline cases among teenage girls in the area saying they are not only pestering security officers but also male teachers.
    He called on police to investigate the matter saying concerted efforts is needed by all stakeholders including the parents, chiefs and security officers to be watchful.
    [INDENT]“We should all join hands to ensure our children behave during the long holidays. I commend the officers for the action they took,” said the head teacher.[/INDENT]
    This happens even after education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed raised alarm over the increasing number of candidates who were pregnant and gave birth during the examination period in 2018.
    During the KCPE exam period, about 30 candidates countrywide sat their exam in hospitals after giving birth.
    In a report released by the Children’s Affairs department, Kilifi county has reported the highest number of teen pregnancies in the country — 13,624 cases in the past one year.

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Enda toa Kangéti kwanza.

These girls are looking at the landscape in front of them and deciding they’re better off starting life early. I can’t blame them. Even people who grew up in Nairobi, which places them right in the doorstep of gravy train, find out that getting into that train is not easy.

what do 13-year olds know?

Spot on, what many are not saying.

That men can get them pregnant and they’re going for it:D


If you know, you know!

Peer Pressure ni kitu mbaya

For fear of not wanting to speak the truth…

Sounds like Crazy Monday-ish sensationalism. Ghaseer.