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Our attention has been drawn to a story in today’s Daily Nation newspaper headlined “Uhuru, Raila strike deal on IEBC talks”, which, in part, claims that “Leaders also agreed to form ten-member team to start talks on how to reconstitute the IEBC”.

No such agreement was struck, as it would have been inconsistent with President Kenyatta’s stand on the subject, which is that any discussions on the IEBC or any other constitutional body must be done within confines of the law.

Only yesterday, the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee of the National Assembly announced that it would invite Kenyans to make their views and recommendations on the IEBC and other electoral reform issues during sittings it plans to hold across the country. President Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto intend to make their submissions to this team.

The Presidency expects that the sessions by the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee will be held in public, and that they will also be televised live so that all Kenyans can hear what anyone with any views on the subject has to say.


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kesho ngojea kuona - “Uhuru reneges on State House IEBC deal”


kwa hivyo monday ni back to business #TGM

I also wondered what kind of independence will that “IEBC” be like with parties nominating it’s members.

Yep!! Mnung’uniko Part X.

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Kesho tuna nominate mtu tanoooo…dialogue ianze Friday…sivyoooo? Sivyooo…?

Hata NIPIGWE MAJI…sitarudi nyuma
Hata NIPIGWE FIMBO… sitaaaruuudi nyuma

he he hapa ilibidi nicheke…eti kupigwa maji na kupigwa fimbo


Ok, nice info. But si you just BJ`d yourself? Umemeza manii?


heheheheheh he forgot the rule!

ES is allowed that,
Some animals are more equal than others.
Is it snowball who said that?


It always happens with ES during tbt.

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TBT is a special case.

Nguruwe ni nguruwe.

One of the greatest failings of Uhuru’s media team has been its inability to bring the media to heel, and especially so the Nation Media Group. After pushing for the removal of Odindo, they went to sleep and forgot to dismantle the Babuon Network he had put in place for his ‘kasin’. That network includes people like Linus Kaikai (a former ODM parliamentary candidate no less) and a few others in the print division.

This guys still are on Cord’s payroll. In 2008, they almost sparked a bloodbath at NMG itself with their propaganda and twisted reporting.

Any how, the truth is that Uhuru did not have a meeting with Babuon and Wetshit yesterday. He only introduced them to the SK president and when they insisted, he took a photo with them. When they asked whether they could meet him again, he said that his doors are always open. Then he invited them for Madaraka in Nakuru.

The story about the committee of 10 was manufactured by a select group of media people, including Gaitho and Odindo, to make Uhuru look like a hardliner, a guy who agrees to one thing and then bandilikas.

Uhuru’s media team has been sleeping on the job, literally. This media mafia should have been neutered by now. I wish Uhuru could give me the job…it would take me all of two days to have all of them becoming fish farmers. Kwani kazi ya KRA ni gani? Kazi ya EABC ni gani? Kazi ya HELB ni gani? Kazi ya polisi na CID ni gani? Kazi ya health inspectors ni gani? Kazi ya labour officers ni gani?

Wanaweza jipanga…


Anza kuweka media the right place Bwana ES. Hio tu ndio inazuia ‘entitlement’…

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giondiona hiuka

Uhuru’s media team is a mess, wacha niwasaidie. The media runs on advertising and GOK is one of the biggest advertisers in Kenya
All they have to do is to get the media spend of all GOK departments including parastatals and Part owned GOK companies like safcom, and freeze it for one month. That’s the only way to make the media recognise who’s boss. After that they can negotiate on coverage and I would insist that cord events appear huko page 24 or if at all the front page, not more that two inches in one column. If they don’t behave hold out until they cave.:smiley:


@gashwin, NMG has already done an editorial asking Uhuru and Ruto not to go back on the “IEBC Pact” for tomorrow’s paper.

Government communicates in a very clear way - I would want them to produce evidence of the ‘pact’.


Sijakuelewa VE.
Hebu fafanua kabra nikuitie @jumabekavu

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Si Pwana @admin aliweka threshold ya Knighthood kuwa 10,000 Muhahis + 10,000 upuss + 100 media; na kwa kawaida media zako huwa mob, ilhali you’re reading zero. That can mean one thing - Huelekezi media kwenye shimo lake… Umelewa sasa? Ama wewe kwisha kojoa?

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