Haaland is only good in tapping

He can’t match the fiery Mbappe. Mbappe led his team to beat Gibraltar 14-0 and looks set to qualify for both the world cup and EuroCup. Haaland is just overated

Football is a team sport, you cant do it alone…mbappe would look very ordinary in Harambee stars


your reasoning is like that of a madman. how can you compare france football squad to that of norway? france imejaa stars wengi kila position. look at norway we only know haaland and odegaard. also haaland doesnt play alone, he plays with 10 other players. like someonw has said above mbappe would look very ordinary with harambee stars.


Mbappe has been quite instrumental in the French team since 2016. Without him the national team couldn’t have achieved some of the things they have achieved. He carries the team on his shoulders. Haaland can’t carry a team

like someone has said football is a team sport. haaland does play alone. mbappe is instrumental because of the quality of his team mates. you assume that mbappe plays alone yet he is playing with 10 other players after all with mbappe they lost to switzerland in the euros 2021.

And this is the person some people try to compare him with Messi…This guy Halland is over rated. Mbappe is better than Halland

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