Ha. Ha. Ha. Hapo ndio wanaume wametufikisha

Can someone book for me before ziishe? Hii dunia. Mehn!!!


I thought you already had them in smaller versions.

:smiley: let’s see it give her attention, something women value more than sex

kissing a doll is like kising a hooker


I don’t si you buy me one, at least I see how it looks upfront. Ile naskia Inaitwa rabbit. If you buy it you will have come show me how it works:p

As long as she can talk and he can listen by being quiet, we good.

You’re not fooling anyone, you might as well buy a large teddy and stick a dildo hapo katikati

Rabbit you said. Let me look. Be ready.

I know lunjes don’t need these things. You are naturally endowed.

Yes. Well equipped.

I can see you modesty isn’t your strong suit

It can be subjective sometimes.

Why @TrumanCapote Told Ur I’ll give u good dicking…I volunteer to rescue you frm your misery and self loathing.
Lkni matako probe apana…Hii itabidi uulize @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!!

I gat nothing but luv for myself. I don’t house, have their kids or feed them or give them my body. Is that what you call self loathing or self love? Any money I could have used for a man I use it on myself. As in najipenda kwa ubaya. Nobody with self loathing would reject the fuckery called marriage. Learn the meaning of self loathing and tell me if anyone who hates themselves can refuse to be used and abused by men.

Rescue yourself from your confusion.Sikutaki. Stop stalking me with sexual innuendo. If you don’t own shares in my pundesh don’t comment about it. You rescue your own penis from the self loathing of umalaya in an era of incurable STIs. Kama huna shares, huna say. Rescue your diseased penis with ARVs.