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@FieldMarshal CouchP atakuita whiner and an enemy to development

Na @spear je?

This was Ruto in July 2018…'sgr will break even this year and repay itself ’
This Government is the worst thing that happened to Kenya…SGR was unwarranted and is just a looting conduit… It only served Tenderprenuers and China who are using it to flood market with cheap imports/plus Chinese SGR staff…mkenya analala njaa

he has toned down
yaani kenya ni wizi tu.

@Nattydread atasema mimi ni negativo na @Doc Oga ataniita njaruo.

Remember SGR was built,runned and financed by the chinese and the only thing that is on our name is the debt they left.Neo colonisation and slavery is what goes on.We had the old railway which could not have used evn 20billion alone to renovate to modern railway.

Even assuming that data is true, TELL ME ONE MAJOR PROJECT THAT BREAKS EVEN WITHIN ONE YEAR. Hata ukifungua kiosk ya 20K jameni si lazima you build a client base?

This whining and negativity ni upuzi mtupu…

:D:D:D na please charge your phone. 2% ni kidogo sana


Two questions for you

  1. Your buddy Arap Mashamba hakujua hii kiosk mathematics when he made the assessment above that SGR would pay for itself?

  2. What do you think will change between now and when the SGR starts paying for itself? Just this week we were told cargo prices would go up 79%. Couple that with the looting exposed on page 1 of DN and come back to us with a better argument.

Mzee kubali hii reli ni white elephant tufunge thread.

Boss, for once accept we are fucked. What happened to feasibility study before embarking into such a huge investment? Now you are comparing it to a Kiosk?? go to bed shit-head

Hapo my Fren everyone with a semblance of basic thinking capacity knows how white this elephant is. It is upon Kenyans of goodwill to take up this issues. All this looting is to finance elections.


with shrinking economy due to fuel tax and interest cap hii Deni Sidhani Kenya italipa… Worse the SGR has resulted to the GoK to forcefully convey cargo to ICD.This is killing CFSs , killing warehousing and long distance trucking… In other words wakenya wanaumia na kuwa jobless for very few to pocket Billions

Uncle dp William ruto all the way to statehouse, he will turn things around akichukua hi kiti


For a proper fucking position

Ksh 750M is just too much of a loss per month when SGR tickets seems to be always in short demand… Kuna karata inachezwa hapo.

Hapo kwa operatioon cost ya 1 billion per month ndio inaumaa…hujumaa