H2O sos

Friends, if you know someone at mombasa water, or someone who knows someone whose neighbour is a cousin to a relative of an old acquaintance of a former school mate to a driver of a Facebook friend who follows on twitter an uncle of anyone who works at mombasa water, kindly help. We are stuck. Not in each other. Nooooo. We don’t have water for a week. Its bad for biashara. How are we supposed to make fake tomatoes sauce if we can’t get fresh water. Damned msa international trade fare. Maji maji rebellion Ndio innaanza. Lanina to our rescue please


si indian ocean iko hapo tu… i.o.n lipeni madeni maji irudishwe


si hiyo tomato source ya maji ya Indian ocean itamaliza kidneys za watu

He he he , mna ujinga sana.

tomato source???

sonko rescue team or maina ng’ang’a mombasa branch

sawa sawa mwalimu ni “sauce” sasa nipe ile ‘A’

ndio hii, A

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Kuja na mitungi mbili tu, i got enough for the next four days, ikiisha naenda nguu tatu kuchota huko,


I smell a business opportunity.

Any one with a browser in this village nimuonyeshe job?


he he he:D:D:D

Opera, chrome, edge, internet explorer ama firefox? UC browser hivi? Ama dolphin?


Huko kuna jeshi ya Joho but I doubt if it’s involved in CS work.