H.E Uhuru Ousted as Jubilee Party Leader


Huyu mama asikubali kutumika…
Anashindana na ndovu kukunia

We Jubilee members are yet to hold the delegates conference and make any changes to the party leadership.

Hehehe, we are always politicking. Uhunye atapakanishwa mavi sana



It is so sad to watch the ‘mountain’ in this state…but also very hard to feel sorry for Uhuru given how he treated WSR. Mnyama kweli kweli huyu mtu. This w/e we witnessed shenanigan after shenanigan at Muigai’s event.

Kenya iko na wenyewe watu wangu…nyinyi shindeni hapa mkitusiana small time…:mad:
If I watched this stuff whilst in Kenya trying to make ends meet, I would seriously consider immigrating by hook or by crook. Kuna haja gani residing in a country where I am struggling so much for my basic needs, nalipa taxes, naona wengine wakizitumia for their own gains???hizo pesa zote walipea Muigai walitoa wapi???

I listened to a clip where Kiengei called out Uhuru as a murderer…this is the same man who campaigned vigorously for Azimio…him, Samidoh and all the big names were pro Azmio…yesterday they were busy arselicking to Gachagua.

Hameni hio nchi priss.

Tugege can sell their own mothers juu ya mbeca.

Has no feelings at all, Mbeca is mbeca :smiley:
Can make you hire your wife to at @Abba mostly when its being pronounced in dollars.

Its a Legal Tender.

Konyagi is to blame, he set the precedent during handshake days, he dealt with anyone who opposed him , especially My Kenya elected leaders eg the likes of Kang’ata etc…it will take time for the house of Mumbi to come together again.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Mlevi1 alitimua wengi in JP when he thought he and remjius were an invincible tag team. Akina Kang’ata, Duale and Murkomen walitimuliwa kwa chama kama wezi. It was really soothing seeing Mlevi1 complain, with teargas in the background, kwa gate ya muhindi after being thrown out of a private property which hosted JP HQ. Penda sana

This is sad. Let him make his moves behind the scenes.

Sabina ataweza kulipa rent ya Jubilee Hqts?

Uhuru should spare his fragile lungs by retiring completely and forever. He should even join his wife in Germany.
Not only is Jubilee a dead party, but by law he shouldn’t even be the leader after 6 months.

If mlevi does not swallow his pride, it will be 10 years of pure turmoil and embarrassment.

How is our party Jubilee dead and yet we have many MPs, MCAs, Governors, Senators, women reps etc? Chama iko imara. We are getting ready for 2027.

Lol. :D:D:D Hii imeenda.

He played a very big role in splitting us. A very big role and history will judge him harshly.