i have always had a dream to start a gym in a small town .Anyone who owns a gym here? if yes,
*what was your starting capital?
*what are the basic requirement?
*what are the basic equipment needed for a start up?
*how do you retain your clientele?

asanteni wakubwa.

what was your starting capital? 10K
what are the basic requirement? open space
what are the basic equipment needed for a start up? mbao, chuma, simiti, sand
how do you retain your clientele? 50 bob per day

Gym is capital intensive. One commercial treadmill inachezea at 200k. You need several of them.
My advice would be to buy a radio, get two PYT preferably college girls, do some photoshop of them before and after showing how they lost weight then walk into offices and offer their employees Zhumba classes in the evening from 5:30pm to 7pm. Charge each employee 200 bob per session.

25 employees x 200= 5,000 daily. 20days a month you have 100k net

Best business model ever. The power of 1000 fans

Plates ndio zitakumaliza kaka, 1kg ni kitu 600/=

Nunua chuma za juakali don’t buy chuma super
I co own a gym with a pal in an estate with Luos and luyas so the two tribes mostly work out
Don’t charge more than 100 per day for the next 7 months to retain your loyal clients
It’s one of the best business because all you do is pay rent and once awhile you repaint your weights maybe twice in a year

Kwa gym set aside room ya kuchunisha majamaa kales

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I must admit this is a great guide worth buying

Thank you very much.