gym bike needed

looking for a quality home exercise bike, budget 20-25K. Sitaki hizo za 10k as they don’t have much resistance. The cheap one I had also broke after use.

Lose weight first before you break an expensiver one

I found some good ones at game stores garden city, but iko 46k

Human Powered Battery Charger
I have a great invention idea.

Use human energy to powerup and recharge the batteries. This requires an exercise bike that can be bought and used at anyone’s home to recharge the batteries.

Wow, it is very nice idea. Don’t think that it is possible to realized, but I hope that someone will try it. I really like to do workout on mini exercise bike. I do it everywhere, even in office. And I was shocked how much is it costs, these bikes are very cheap for portable simulator. I find everything on it on about exercise bikes. On their website you can compare different models of exercise bikes of high quality and to make an order from amazon.

I have one but I’m not selling. Got it when this Indian guys brother was going back to the UK. The bro needed a bike for his time here. Once he left they didn’t need it. Got it cheap. I think about 10 to 15k from the guy on olx. Picked it up at parklands

Neighborhood kids always begging to ride it though