Gym Addicts

For the gym additcs

What’s this ?

The lady’s knees turned inside out when doing a leg press. i.e. you are supposed to push up and down with the knees against the wait, but the weight was too heavy for her and her knees gave in, like the way you break a chicken’s legs when dining.

Here is how it should be done

Was that lady a gym addict ?


Wacha kutusumbua.

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Just do the damn squats. Natural body movement.

Forget the leg press…

You are more likely to get injured doing squats than leg presses


Unless you’re extremely overweight, or very elderly, you can already squat with you body.

Then you start with that, just you body and and empty bar. And progressively add weight.

Now, it’s foolishness to hit the gym first time and try to squat with 200kg

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It’s strange how you are coming up with hypothetical situations and then you proceed to call out on them. The girl in the video was doing the presses with bad form (locking her knees) with a heavy weight.
I do both squats and leg presses and I can tell you that though squats are more superior and more beneficial, they are also more risky especially to people with back problems. See below:
The leg press exercise does not require you to put direct pressure on your spinal column.
While spinal loading in and of itself is not a bad thing, it shouldn’t be done extensively by those with current and recurring back problems.
This exercise eliminates that issue since the weight sled is on an angle. That is, the load doesn’t bear directly down onto the vertebrae.


So tell me what medical credentials the guy who wrote that has… what evidence he has provided, what studies he has done.

He could only be some random dude on the internet (like me and you), reciting the myths he’s heard, or some trainer marketing himself for more clientele…

Machine exercises in general are for body builders, who need to build up certain specific muscles for competitive purposes (whether this carries over to real life benefits is another story).

As I mentioned above, some people with very specific needs may need machine help (elderly, overweight, and as you’ve added, people with certain specific medical conditions).

Otherwise for the general population, training the compound natural body movements is most beneficial.

For what it’s worth, (and this is not universal advice!), I’ve killed some knee pain by doing proper form squats.