Gvn Munya attempted spin

Meru Governor Peter Munya now claims that his life is in danger following the indication by the Somali Government that he is liable for the ban imposed on miraa imports from Kenya.

On Wednesday, angry residents of Maua town in the miraa-farming county went on a rampage protesting against the ban by one of their major markets.

Somalia announced the sanction on Monday by restricting all flights ferrying Miraa from Kenya into the region.

Mr Munya maintained that the “temporary ban’ to export the commodity was arrived after the security intelligence following the IGAD meeting scheduled to be held in Mogadishu

He must be regretting his presence in Somalia

How can a governor make a statement that touches on the national govt mandate. Hii vaite ako na akili au kangeta

Huyu by 9 wameru watakua wamemueka nje

green brain…

Kiraitu will have a field day.

That is what happens when a person is drunk with power. But even if the Meru elect Kiraitu, he is just another megalomaniac.

RIP to your Governor seat Mr.Peter Munya

Stupid nigga just shot himself on the foot, the Somali government have confirmed that the suspension ( not ban ) is because of munya sasa jamaa amepoteza support ya igembe and tigania where miraa comes from and also huko ndio jamaa alikuwa na support mingi


Say what??

Angalau hana kiherehere

[quote=“biraru, post:9, topic:89183”]

Mwalimu akifunza watu osungu ulikuwa wapi bilawaru?

Mwalimu akifunza watu osungu ulikuwa wapi bilawaru?

kazi ilikua tu kuamusha juu alikua anavaa mini all the time na paraffin haikua inafanya kazi

Mwalimu akifunza watu osungu ulikuwa wapi bilawaru?

:D:D reminds me of that other ‘big’ word, onomatopoeia (no relation to this thread though).

Over time, I think our Baite brothers should begin to explore alternative crops.

First toyota kenya started losing business sasa x japan pia biachara ya brombox kwisa

With all due respect short man,i think u r full of urself…u maybe a celeb to ur highschool n villagemate who know u fled ur country bt get it into ut head u r out of touch with our lovely country other than the pussy that u relate to.Get a real life…just saying…n thats y i respect all talkers who strive to make it in there motherland without showing off

Munya is an anomaly, a JaKuonist mind in a Meru body. He’s backpedaling the way JaKuon does once a stunt backfires.

Sasa huyu anakuja with all the bile kwanini? are u related to Munya? na kwani ni mimi pekee yangu nimesema his gonna lose that Gvn seat. Usiniletee upuzi …nonsense…brare fwakin siet…meffi

Endelea short putt,i am nt in anyway with him bt ur know it all attitude with things u dnt know disgusts me…n i got all the tym now that i know u…ur son is fucking suffering yet u dont care eti unasoma…schuppit

kwani huyo mwoman alinizalia alikuwa sistako ndo una mauchungu? nikka i got more info of the going ons in Kenya more than u!!! jus coz am miles away does’nt mean sina info kwanza latest about Kenya. How many breaking news have i posted here hadi watu wanashangaa jay ulijuaje before sisi na hauko Kenya.

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