Guys who do you have on your block list?

Mine are takatakas like Panyaste, Moto Kubwa, Mawaya/Mathais, Agwambo, Digi, Nefertities, Pseudonym, and all their other side handles…na wengine wengine walihamia new Jiji…Natty dread, Kiguka Field, Patco, Destro and their new handles with the Jaruo that draws folk for a living…at no fee???Okiya…Digi, the fat policeman who was waiting for me kule jiji hihihi akapata ng’oooooooooooooo.

Zingine hata majina nimesahau coz of multi handlism. But blocking aluta continua…if you are on my list, hopefully you have returned the favour. Block back…

Will go thru the list and bring some more names.

Zero. Even in the most irritating posts,.I learn something. I can’t block people who has never hurt me personally. If you let things said by people you don’t know get to you, what does that say about you?

You take ktalk too seriously

I have one and only one @TrumanCapote .I hope she doesn’t see this.Its quite a relief walking on these streets without bumping into her.

You would like to believe so but actually you are one person who does take KT seriously and lies to yourself. I don’t gain anything…but…to each their own. When someone wakes up on a good day and targets someone the same someone hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe. Disgusting.

Kwani mashindano?

Idiocy. Why did you change handles? and why do people that don’t know you just cannot debate an issue? nakuona sana…

It’s an anonymous forum so sielewi vile nitaskia uchungu mpaka I decide to pull up someone’s username n block them. Zile za this will show em…

Exactly! It’s an anonymous forum.

:D:D:D why does me changing handles bother you so much?

Hii malaya ya London hukuwa imeblock anyone that challenges her BS

Nime block admin na upus zake

Una penda kuka kwa echo chamber where people nod at everything you say ? Siwezi block ata truman once in a while a find a nugget of gold in all that shit ! apart from digi post zake zote ni shonde ! but ata yeye siwezi block

PWEGEGEGEGE This gon be gud

I don’t buy that at all. Where we disagree we disagree but where trolling ama unaona kimtu cannot post anything without mentioning so and so and tagging them and yet they disagree on views, hiyo siwezi hata na nurofen.

This syndrome is called online bullying.

It is a win win…I don’t wanna read your crap but you can write …is the point of the ignore button. But don’t wake up thinking my life will change by making me a topic/headliner.


Does not actually bother me. I just hate pretenders and can smell it from my miles away.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Words are wind at times the wind is stale as mold so a block is in order, exercising options.

Nobody has me blocked?

I am both surprised and offended.

Patco. Sijawahi kosana naye lakini he is such a troll.

Digi. Fake news purveyor na click baits.

Trumankathieth. Youtube 987gb after every 3 mins.

Hukuna haja ni block msee yeyote wa KT