Guys we need to talk about @swansea urgently. He is slowly losing his mind.

[SIZE=5]I don’t know if it is celebral malaria from Lake Victoria or syphilis of the brain but @Swansea is not all there. He is losing it.

This Luopean brother seems to be in dire straits. Of late he has been moody, spewing soft soft insults but for the past two days he has been allover the website shitting on threads, spamming, attacking innocent talkers and strangers… I think it is a cry for help.

You see, the U.S economy has not been doing too well under the thief Biden. Truck drivers especially, have been laid off which means that truck driver @Swansea has a lot of time in his hands but no money in his pocket. And you all know how a broke njaruo man is a hostile creature.

Add to that @Swansea has two wives, 9 children , three of whom are in college… divorce bills, rent, alimony, child custody…

bills bills bills are killing this Luopean.

So anyway @administrator keep an eye out for this Luopean gent from Kendu bey. Even here on this thread just watch. In exactly 5 minutes @Swansea will arrive, hoist up his skirt, spread his big black njaruo butt cheeks and start diarrhoearing with wild abandon. He will shout hostile insults through his toothless lower jaw while issuing loud njaruo war cries.

I urge you @administrator to deal firmly with this 56 year old Luo man from Maryland. Maybe he has syphilis of the brain and we don’t know. Maybe that’s why he has been so wild and emotional. If he shits on this thread I propose that you send the hooligan to Pelican bay for 2 to 3 weeks so he can swallow his tranquillizers in peace. He cannot be allowed to bring his American troubles to

Act tough bwana @administrator . I am behind you 100% against these enemies of peace. Just last week, we dealt with the fat man @kush yule mnono who was escorted out of the building like this :


(You can see Miss freyja shaking her soft buttocks in the video above.)

We will deal with these remaining elements and believe me @administrator the website will be very stable and calm.

Also bwana @administrator , @Swansea 's others handles are @Abba and @Kodiaga .

He is also very close to @Finest wine , @Freyja , @Coronatities ,@Simiyu22 and @BBIsiMuhimu . All these are mercenaries from the other village hell bent on destroying kenyatalk. Asante sana bwana @administrator . Together we shall finish these traitors. Good day.

P.S Wakili @WIGSPLITTA stay on standby.


[SIZE=5]Last known photo of @Swansea Aluoch :


Rasa za ndindu, I wont mind!


Unakuwanga idle mamaa. You got too much time on your hands.

Kwani you have admin privileges? Jana on your thread, some comments disappeared and now naona za someone disappeared on this thread as well.

@administrator when did you start giving people rights to mod their own threads? … Yenyewe animal farm is real up in this b!tch!


[SIZE=5]Kwani @administrator disabled the ‘so and so mentioned you’ notification?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]How is a kangaroo like @uwesmake supposed to view my scathing insults? I’m certain it’s that donkey who complained to the admin until that functionality was retracted.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@administrator kindly restore that functionality. Kangaroos must be notified whenever they are mentioned.[/SIZE]

Wakili mbadiya what about cows??