Guys ,This is My Sincere Review About The African Collection(The African collection Reviews)

Wait a minute guys! Why are people bashing out negative stories about THE FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP BY THE AFRICAN COLLECTION?
Yes to me at first it sounded weird to me when I received a call from the African collection guys that I and my wife had won free holiday voucher to Malindi. We actually thought it was joke and we decided to give it a try by attending the said presentation about Fractional Leisure property ownership investment which indeed got us very much excited. Can you guess what happened after that short presentation about Fractional Luxury Property ownership? Yes My Wife Just pulled her Debit card and came through for our first holiday home in Malindi! We paid Ksh 800,000 in full and got booked to one of the Luxurious Holiday villa in Malindi. These was in August 2017.Since then we have been to this Luxurious Holiday home several times with my family and we’ve always had great times.
Kudos to the African Collection team. We will always get you our Family friends to invest with you guys!
Asante sana tena!
Mr Ndambuki


You Osungu sounds like Otille’s and your wife sounds like she’s Vera. Meanwhile, juu Christmas imekaribia keti hapo chini[ATTACH=full]204582[/ATTACH]

You sound like an African Collection promoter.

game ya man city ni saa ngapi?

Huyu ni yule village con man ghasia @teamtalk . Seems his speciality is the holiday package chieth.Tunakuonea mbali meffi.

Umemuonea 18. Good catch

How much were you paid to pen this? you did a shoddy job though.

Next time try to sound like a true, real Kenyan. A few typos here and there, a Swahili word thrown in, that kind of thing. Otherwise you are going to lose your copywriter job…

Admin, please charge paid advertisement kama ya hii [SIZE=1]nugu[/SIZE]

Wewe umerogwa na Mimi… Bado Ukona feelings I ignored your inbox kuhusu the same holiday you are talking about… Mpaka
unalia utanitumia pesa… But I still ignored juu wewe ni meffi
[ATTACH=full]204586[/ATTACH] Tombwa

This is why people call you stupid con man… You really think mimi na akili yangu yote was genuine in that conversation? I wanted to see your end game meffi.

also thrown in the signature Me I…Kenyan English

Thank you Mr Ndambuki for your honest Review and we must say thanks again for being our beloved customer.Please feel free to come to our offices Located at Crescent Business Centre 6th Floor for our Assistance.Regards^AF

multi-handler wacha kujiongelesha.

Multi handler hana aibu ata kujiongelesha:D:D:D:D:D:D

Sasa how will you conduct your eeeh business With talkers Kama uko na tabia za shirhoe za kuanikana?
Not cool man.