Guys (preferably walimu) nisaidieni.

I have a small sister. She is 17 years and currently in form 3.For a long time now her academic performance has been absolutely pathetic. I have had several sit downs with her which I put all my heart into it. She would be serious for say 3 days then revert to her usual self. Old man is out of the country and a culture has been formed to blame me the eldest son for her academic woes. This despite me not even being in the family house majority of the time.

There was this time I asked her if she wished to attend university, she looked me straight in the eyes and told me “NO”. I was kinda shocked so nikamwuliza what she thinks she would be able to do without a university education. With a very confident voice she told me “I would like to be a professional News Presenter”. I facepalmed. Surely with this economy she would need at least a university Degree to even break into the industry? Nisaidie huyu msichana aje jameni?

Si lazma apite shule. ukimfinya sana na hawezi. atachukia. bora tu mtu si mjeuri.
lakini kama ni mjeuri ole wake. Watu uharibika wakiwa wadogo. Before they get to teenage mostly due to “love” of the parent. then you have someone who cant take care of their crap and thinks everyone is below her. From there you just sit back and watch the world give its unforgiving lessons.

University is overrated. Afadhali aingie polytechnic ajifunze kushona nguo ama aende catering school. Plus she mayb inspired by presenters such as Amina Abdi who I doubt went to uni (though i may be wrong).

U also know walalos and education is like talkers and this new upgrade. All my woria friends have high disregard for education and the tax system. Only 1 i know has completed uni.

You either give her full parenting and forget being the friend, or don’t give two shits about it and say it is not your responsibility. Sadly, kids below 25 do not fully comprehend the consequences of their actions…it is a constant fight kuwalainisha…briefcase parenting will not cut it…

Ukweli kabisa

Present to her the job requirements for news presenter. They need to hold a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting or journalism, presenters may be required to produce their own material or edit. She might not understand that hard work is required.

Ask her what appeals to her about news presenting; it will give you a better idea about her thinking? It might be the glamour aspect and smart clothes rather than the job itself.

I don’t think anyone but yourself would know what to do. It all depends with how you were brought up. If you guys are from a well off family, she’s sheltered and doesn’t believe anything will go wrong. If not, she’s disillusioned??

If she were my sister, I’d pull her out of school. Set her up in an SQ and see if she can make her ends meet.

That’s a slay queen in the making lakini nyinyi walalo madem wenu huolewa at a young age. So, marriage soon after high school na apate mtoi faster faster might keep her in check.

Was she ever “bright” in school? If her academic performance has always been poor, nothing can change her genetic makeup. I’m sure she has other types of “intelligence(s)” which she ought to explore.
If her drop in performance is recent, it
could be insolence or lack of motivation. Maybe she’s hanging out with the wrong crowd.
Find out what’s the underlying issue then take it from there. Not everyone is meant for college, but it would be a shame if indiscipline is what’s keeping her away from academic rigor.
If you don’t act soon, your sister will get married right after high school and become a mother at a very young age.

It would be good if you show her the benefits of a University education. If you have one, take her around and show her what you have achieved in life as a result of attaining one.

nunulia yeye ngombe auze maziwa

Not really times have changed.