Guys Need Help

I have some few thousands
Am looking for ways to relocate to Singapore
There is a guy like 2yrs alipost hapa he was living in Singapore

I would like know more about the process
And the breakdown of every step on how to relocate
Thank you

Unahama Kenya? Kweli ni Kubaya.

Hehe unaongelea @Charley Flani, jamaa was very loaded and we’ll educated, utawezana na your few thousands kweli

Si ata ungoje tulipalipe deni kwanza.

Deni imekua mbaya

Haha am very educated buana

Anyway I need to know the legal process

So one needs to be very loaded and well educated. @DMAN you possess none of these. Thread closed

Is it your thread you’re closing

:smiley: tulipe madeni kwanza kabla watu wahame ,the mpigs should craft a law for those in Diaspora to seriously pay tax as we do or they stay their parmanently