Guys in Dust Coats Downtown.

Be very wary of individuals in dust coats when asking for shops selling particular wares in River road all the way to Kamkunji, these guys are brokers and hike prices of any item that you are looking for when you get to the shop, the shop owners on the other hand look the other way since they bring in customers. I went back to a shop in Kamkunji to buy some wares since the last batch run out, got in selected my wares and asked for the price at the counter … the same items i bought two weeks back at an inflated price of 200Ksh on top for each… mind you i was picking quite a handful of them. proceeded to ask the shop owner why the discrepancy, he quickly remembered my last purchase and told me those guys hanging out there are brokers who bring in customers and set the price. I know its a hustle but really, something that costs 400 sh each a guy puts his 250 ontop for each. and is adamant that the price is not negotiable. that Kikuyu collaboration downtown is out of this world.

Those people hung out at all muhindi shops. Ndi sababu ukiandiwa receipt unaulizwa yule umeongea naye na umelipa pesa ngapi.

Dust coat inakaa aje?

nguuguu is your friend.

They are freelance salesmen on commission. The more sales you make ie customers you bring into the shop, the more you earn. Bright idea.

I dont want to guguuu

They are making a killing, but ruining the shop business for the owner. trust me i am not going to that shop again since the owner allows his customers to be exploited.

Can’t they do the sale without hiking the commodity price.The shop owner should pay them from number of sales.
Naona where our problem as a country started kama nyinyi ndio mna advice Konyagi.


Mhhhh,Apron nayo hukaa aje…anyway usi derail thread

The shop owner doesn’t necessarily have a choice in the matter. Those guys are actually part of an organized gang. If those shop owners refuse to play ball there could be dire consequences for them. Shukuru mungu umejua bei na uendelee kupata faida yako.

Apron ni ya jikoni zile chefs wear or the ones barbers wear while shaving.

You are right… the first faka i approached took me nearly 20 meters from the initial point and handed me over to another individual who… took me back to the same area spot i was in before, instead of just showing the shop… he was like let me show you the one selling… hizo nugu za hizo alleys are well connected… kisha when i insisted on paying through paybill. the guy at the counter ghosted me and this sales guy told me to withdraw over agent since its one business. Mikora tupu.

They really should consider selling via online platforms as much as possible, if they are being extorted it won’t be long before those gangs decide to take it a step further and take over the shops

Purity did a story on them…

Kwani umekuja Nairobi juzi?..

Be wary, next time don’t talk strangers nairobi downtown. Do not respond to anyone who doesn’t know you on a first name basis. Ati Brathe, boss , buda ,mzito…etc . Utajua hujui .

Number two. Never accept “pretended help” in kanairo. Ever. Kwa hiyo shamba la mawe ,to each his own . The same jangili “helping” you can follow you and your wares with his trolley cartel, misdirect and steal from you (probably in an alley between brothels) … Then proceed to resell those wares at a fraction of the cost to the same same premises ulinunua .
Now you know.
Myself , I learned the hard way.

Before you buy something just do a window shopping. Know where to get it. Usiende kimandazi. Hii kanairo ni kama mtu ako licensed to steal from fellow kenyan.
Kwanza hawa watu wa kuuliza unaenda wapi. Halafu they take you to the bus. Hawa ni broker hatari sana. Wao huongezea bei ya ticket. If am traveling i use easy coach na book online.

I was looking for a coil spring and other spares for a used Isuzu light truck at some shop hapo grogon, some shiny eye aliona nimebeba sample akaniambia nimngoje hapo, akaleta at 20k, I told him arudishe mahali ametoa akashuka to 10k. I later went there because I had been told where to source nikalipa 6k. I was surprised that the mhindi in the shop didn’t even bat an eyelid.

Kikuyu ni wagondi and the way we lie ati we run this country economically. Ile siku kutakuwa na online spare part za gari hizo meno brown shineye mungich watakufa njaa.