Guys hebu check your itax. Something fishy

So I filed my returns kama kawaida on 29th June 2018. Mimi mtu wa last minute. Anyway, some of my friends have told me wameanza kupata email from KRA and not the ones they sent us last December wishing us happy holidays. The emails relate to non payment of tax. So today I decided to log into my itax and see kama niko na deni ya serikali ya Kenya.

Shock on me, I get two inbox messages which apparently were sent by me to KRA in July claiming to be refunded for overpayment of taxes amounting to Kshs. xxx. . As far as I know, I have never written to KRA to claim for refunds.

Told my friends about this and it seems am not the only one to get such messages.

Is this the work of crooked employees?? Check your itax to see if you are victim.

There is such a mail probably through an error that was sent to many clients on a refund
this here:
[FONT=courier new]Its now 3-4 Months since i did my KRA Return as my fellow kenya, after the returns i was to be refunded money back to my account (Aprox. 6400/=)

I have never receiced the amount till today.

Please can someone clarify to me about the issue regarding the refund.


Good evening,[/FONT]

If you never sent such a mail and your ledger is okay, just ignore

got the same email nashindwa wtf

Yaani kuna mtu analilia KES. 6400 pekee?

Hio inaishia Kwa diapers na dish ya Mnigglet

Very strange, i also have similar emails (exact same wording as @Freestyle )

But i also have a third one with a request to amend my pin details :confused:


Mbona yangu genuine ya 29,978.56 haikuji through…niwarudishie via fobe

The Itax was hacked a few days ago.
Thats why getting password resets was not working.
injinias wamekuwa overnight camping trying to flush out the codes na kufunga the doors but hadi saiii wanastruggle.

Wacha upuss.
Every coin stolen from a hardworking tax payer hurts. Geez …snobs everywhere today. :rolleyes:

What do they mean by amend?

[SIZE=2]I am an evader. [/SIZE][SIZE=4]Only tax nalipa ni PAYE na VAT pale supermarket. The rest of my hard earned side hustles money hawatawai ONA!!! Neffa…[/SIZE]

:D:D:D:D I was singing that song juzi juzi tu. But shits getting real. Fight the system at your own peril.

No idea, i cant seen what change was requested, all i can see is the response which reads as follows

[B]Dear (pin number ),

what do you want to be amended



Bitcoin here I cum

I will open an overseas account.
(Read an account just a few kms after namanga border)

Yaaani his name had to be Albert… Fat Albert.


ate ke?

hao injinias wa TATA wanafaa walete mjuaji halisi wa TATA @introvert

Its the same guy who ridiculed me when I complained of some amount missing from my mpesa account

Sounds interesting

This is not the first time to get spam messages from itax. I think someone has a backdoor of that itax (mail server or whatever) and is trying to prove that they have accessed it.
And i repeat its not the first time.