Guys(esp. MGTOW)! ! ! The more you stay without been married, the more your wives to be are been chewed.

Saa hii, future wives za @Karoga na @Kodiaga, wanapigwa combie na jamaa wa boda boda na Gwatchmen mahali weko.
It’s a fact.

Tutaoa fresher from highschools they easy to tame, eka mimba na kusonga that these charlatans hata you 50 50 Kama watoto ni wako

How is it a fact yet perhaps their future wives are still pre-teens? when you marry you marry between 18-24 no matter what age you are, hata ukuwe 89 kama Oburu Odinga


Jamaa, toa kisonono hapa.

Malisa hio khasia ya one chwani

Your are married but we chew your wife.which is more bitter? Achana na sisi buana

Stupid mentality. You don’t have to marry your agemate. look for a young girl between 18-22 even if you are 90 years old like @FieldMarshal CouchP

The more you stay without being married, the less likely you are to enter marriage. It really loses its attractiveness with time.

Ukizoea kujikalia hautaoa. Utajizoea and it may feel awkward sharing your space.

Weka 7 - 10 year age gap in most marriages na utaona males have very little to lose in the long game. Only women marry their seniors, sisi #AMG rules ni tofauti.

As my elder brother, Andrew Kibe advised us, marry someone almost half your age. Especially after you have made it in life. Mwenye ukitoka hakuulizi unaenda wapi. Ama ukimwacha anaanza zile za after all the things I did for him. Marry someone younger, someone that see you like a God because without you taking her, she will be out there in the streets suffering. Marry someone that fears and respects you.
But if you marry your age mate, hiyo nikama mtakuwa wanaume wawili Kwa nyumbà. Because she accepted you when you had nothing but will claim everything that you have achieved. Yeye ndio ataambia watu how she moulded you into the man you are today but in real sense she was the one that was busy complaining and comparing you with other men that have made it when your company was hardly making enough money, but you are the one the was rising up early daily to make sure the company succeeds.

This applies to MAGTOW, bila pesa, ma bwenyenye ata akiwa 50 yrs, anahitaji tu akuwe na heavy machine kama range rover Vogue ama lexus X570, hapa unamumunya below 23 yrs… nowadays good marriage, relationship ama sex you have to buy…money talks.

How compatible will you be , marrying a girl in her early 20’s when you’re in the mid 40’s ? Think critically ?

My friend the reality on the ground is very different, hapa una reason kama mboys were high school. Boys who think they will all make it in life. Time doesn’t wait for you banaa. By the time you’re reaching mid 40’s, your body has started experiencing lots of challenges, and to some Erictile Dysfunction is just around the corner. Who’s gonna agree to get married to an ailing person ?

The question here is, who told you that you’ll have made it when you’re in your 50’s ? Are the guys who think that since you have a big car women will automatically come running towards you ?
This line of reasoning is flawed.

Marrying a girl who is not done partying as is common with most 20 something year olds will reduce a 40yr old man’s lifespan.

The reasoning here from some guys is wanting, sijui kama ni ignorance ama luck of exposure ? At mid 40’s, you marry a 23 yr old girl, when you’re hitting 60, she’s 43 yrs old and very active sexual, still able to bear children. Hauwezani banaa.

Surely past 35 tayari ni risky pregnancy.
Not to mention bado at 60 mti inafanya kazi. If it wasn’t mubabas wouldn’t exist

As years proceeds, the age at which the pole can stand is reducing, in the 1950s, if you took a hundred men aged 60. I won’t be surprised to learn all of them had health sperm count and there libido was on the roof.
Today, that number has reduced, and in 20yrs to come, the number will be much lower.