Guys and a few ladies I need to introduce you to my all time crush WIZ KHALIFA

Let us start with the hit that was number 1 in 94 countries…he wrote the hooks in 10 minutes

Here he is medicated as usual…with Chevy and Juicy

Hiyo medicated ilikuwa jam yetu mi na maboys wangu when we were getting medicated, drinking water and play fifa.

Great time great times.

I thought you were really old by the way?

Here he is again…

Music knows no age…I am a fan of Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie and Justin Bieber…do the math …

Old tart with huge beef curtains trying to remain relevant.


Here we go …
with my wiz…

Me wondereth why you are on the thread. Kikikikiki. Joke is on you.

My wiz and Ty dollar

With my bro the Weeknd. Fire.

Maybe I want to experience large beef flaps before I kick the bucket, hence my engagement with a key owner of said flaps.

You can dream on…allowed last I checked. Sayonara.

Arigato mama muzee. Saggy tits are my fetish so you stand a good chance. Think about it.

In my black box you go tukutane huko…agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain.