guy claims he was raped by momo

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Haha, such cases will never be taken seriously no matter the trauma, cause people here will celebrate how it felt/should’ve felt good being rap*d.

Lucky bastard

One has to be penetrated ndio akuwe rape victim, uyu anasema nini sasa??

Brian Owino = @Panyaste★


There are two kinds of Talkers.

Eeeehhhh …
For the enlightenment of the Masses in here … :D:D



As one famous Movie Actress once said …
" … When Rape is Inevitable , Relax and Enjoy it …" … :D:D:D

Kwani huyo momo alikuwa akona nguvu aje? Hii story inakaa fake.

Cross-examining lawyer atauliza yeye swali moja…
Lawyer : Did your member rise to the occassion?

Owino : Yes…but yoooou…

Lawyer : Yes is enough…don’t explain further.

Lawyer : My lords I have no further questions.



Women do not have the necessary tool to rape. However They can be charged with sexual assault kama wametumia mambo ingine.

Question Dick irisimama aje to attain penetration. So as to be rape. Sexual harassment inaweza