Gunia Wiki Hii...


there is a chokosh somewhere masturbating furiously to that cartoon granny!.

Knitophilia is real.

Mathice aka @Mathaais grannyfucker

Ati tunyanye hatuwes shona sweater na amani hehehehe dead

For real?


That’s what I heard from ktalk grapevine…


@culture anakamatiwa chini huko kodiaga! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Machild support tu.
Ili iwe funzo.

KSPCG hehehe…mama shetwani weka hii kwa Lexicon
Bro, utalipuka soon. Just check into a mental institution , ungojee…

uko poa house? ka-hekaya niaje?

Hehehe… Teetering dangerously close to the edge.

Niko poa bro. Hekaya ntajaribu after church hehehe.

Just buy a Straight Jacket uweke kwa nyumba na kwa gari…to make work easier for the first responders when you finaly go bonkers bro…hehehe

And while at it book an admission number with the same last 4 digits as my ID Number eh?

@introvert ama wacha tu…you are beyond help.

@introvert , weka number ya mpesa mi nitarusha 310 hapo! @admin this guy needs his own section called assylum, he cannot be left to roam freely in the village. He is armed with crayons and dangerous.:smiley:

Lakini in defence ya tunyanye brigade am told that senior citizens know how to give head once they remove those plastic teeth/ denture the remaining plain gums are so soft than cotton:D:D:D