Gunia Wiki Hii....KDF

Chuck norris come kiasi…

@Azor Ahai kuja kidogo

:D:D daaamn!

:D:D:D:D:D I will be back (Terminator, 1984)


There’s only one Introvert.

Bado wewe ni ghasia, lakini kdf tally imeweza

sikupendi, lakini si tuunde tag team tu hunt hii kipash?

Hata mimi sikupendi but Tag hata mimi tumalize hii common enemy

The funny thing is that people here confuse me with one @M2Random. I have black skin, hard hair and a mean face (sura personal). I have never posted a photo of myself here so sijui mbona huwa mna-assume. At least I am honest. Lakini Makonika we shall revisit this post at an opportune time in future. You can count on that…:D:D


sawa mgisu,

Mkimaliza hiyo mission mtapendana sasa? :D:D

NOOOOO!!!,after kuannihilate jakipash chieth na it will be within seconds juu i know you know i am a former special forces commando naweza amua hata pande yao kieleweke

And have little frog babies hopping about.
Very useless fellows, these two.

The village will be painted red. :D:D

isipokuwa ile jamaa ya uji haina akili,i wonder nini the love of my life @Nefertities aliona kwake?

He likes Uji and Matoke or so I heard. The love of your life could not resist. You want to date a vegetarian na you own a butchery? hata wewe nawe huna akili bana

No way siwezi pendana nayeye

Ghasier ningekutusi lakini we have a bigger mission to finish this jakipash. Matusi ipoe for now