Gun stolen at anko Lootall's home after Pamba brings in female perspective

According to police reports, Kariuki a police office based at Central police station, went to Moi Avenue in Mombasa at 1am and met a woman who introduced herself as Stella.
She was reportedly a commercial sex worker and Kariuki agreed to pay for her services.

The woman came back and sealed the deal as agreed.
According to the police report, when the officer woke up after some hours, he realised his rifle, mobile phone and Sh700 were missing …

A rifle?

If the woman was a Kikuyu, it would be a relevant question if we asked-

WHICH rifle?




Ruto anaingilia wapi ?

Huyo wochi pamba ni security ya ile boma ya Machozi iko huko mwambasani

Mlango ya mbele omwami. Huyu pamba alitumia ya nyuma.

Shouldn’t the cop be arrested for participating in commercial sex work (illegal in Kenya.)?