gun cases on the rise in mombasa

Mombasa is the one of the town that sets a good example of what’s life like to live without hard crime. But things are changing, blame it on politician backed gangs like wakali wao and wakali kwanza.Guns like ceska pistol are accessible with minimum of 4k in kisauni area thanks to politician blessings.

Just the other day a friend got phone jacked at gun point, he was traumatized for a week with him always saying, “huyo mtoto mdogo kanionyesha unyonge sana. yaani kanitolea toe(gun) na kunishw patia huyo(pikipiki rider). aaah senge kabisa!”

Now This happened last night;
Mombasa, KENYA: One person was on Monday night shot dead and two others seriously injured in Likoni following three robbery incidences.

Police say three heavily armed men riding in a motorcycle carried out the three robberies in a two hour dramatic style in different M-pesa shops outlets.

In the first incident, a woman was shot dead three times by three men and got away with sh 90,000.

The deceased who was identified as Ethel Murunde was shot in the abdomen after she resisted to hand over the money to the assailants.

Police said the 28-year-old woman died on the spot.

Police recovered five spent cartridges at the scene each of 7.62mm.

In the second incident, the three men stormed at an M-pesa just about 200 meters from the first one.
Police said the men shot in the air to scare away onlookers.

The suspects are alleged to have stole sh 70,000 before they escaped with their Motorcycle.

Police recovered one used cartridge at the scene.

The owner of the shop Asulta Omumbo told the police the men told her to choose to die or live;she said she handed all the money to the suspects and they left.

Likoni Deputy Police Boss Anthony Shimoli told Baraka FM they believe the same men also carried out the third robbery at around Shikaadabu area, where sh 20,000 was stolen from an M-pesa shop.

He said the suspects fired three times on air and demanded to be given the money.

The owner of the shop identified as Cesilia Maina, handed over the money to the suspects and she was spared.

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He said the men were armed with a G3 riffle.

Police are yet to confirm if the riffle used which was loaded with 20 rounds of ammunition, is the same one that was reported to have lost mysteriously after an officer’s house was broken into.

Rumors has it that gangs like wakali wao and kwanza have been running way from government death squads in kisauni making them to operate in other hoods targeting phones and m-pesa outlets.

Shot dead three times…yenyewe gun crime iko on the rise




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He said the suspects fired three times on air and demanded to be given the money.


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