Guka Trump amehamia Telegram



Those are WhatsApp people wenye hawataki ujinga.

Whatsapp walidhani wako na monopoly kama k plc ya konyagi


democrats aren’t the only people who know how to code, a new infrastructure is on the way. the question asked though, is what kind of a business idea was it, to purge and censor people who didn’t agree with the far left ?

Kplc sio monopoly huku ghetto. Kuna illegal supply which serves us better.:D:D:D:D

Halafu watu wako na Moto ya Cambridge analytical. I see people leaving enmasse.

Whatsapp ni ya upuss.

Twitter and facebook just dug their grave for interfering with US elections and Trump - world and governments were watching!!!

Trump has massive followers

Ongeza plus one, niko na uncle Trump kufa kupona

Lol. Not on Twitter.

Telegram is a Whatsapp competitor not Twitter.
What would Trump want there?

Signal iko sambamba so far

Right wing nuts have been crying about getting cancelled on leftists sites for years :smiley: Remember Alex Jones? Maybe not. He got deplatformed and everyone forgot about him. None of the sites that cancelled him collapsed. So in conclusion this right wing platform should have been launched like 10 years ago :smiley:

Telegram is way way waaaay better than WhatsApp

WhatsApp vs Telegram and Signal is not left vs right. It is about Zuckerberg forcing users to link their WhatsApp and Facebook, or quit.
It’s about data and little held privacy.

Telegram is more secure than the shitty WhatsApp