Guka biden wins georgia after manual recount


Maliza kabisa.
Hapana bakisha ama bahatisha.
Schupid @uwesmake

And he is ready to spread LGBTQ to Africa…


@T.Vercetti njoo kiasi:D

I wish anaweza kufa kabla awe sworn in

apotelee mbali na hiyo ghey chieth

gender is binary,anyone advancing the notion to suggest its a spectrum got issues

Kanafirwa wacha kamaliziwe

Ziko wapi ng’ombe za Trump? :D:D:D

Ni nini kuniita on non news issues? They counted a second time without GOP observers. … they can even count a third time if they wish na hio yote itakuwa ni upus!

Recount ya maongo.



Sodom is here with us as confirmed by the highest office in the land. America, you think you will get away with this? You won’t.
May the good Lord help us all.

Re-counting those votes doesn’t help because they are simply recounting contested ballots! What we need is an audit of every single vote.

Changing rules in the middle of the game? Precisely why Gore lost in court.

Black Americans watatupwa kando kama used TP. The LGBTQ brigade watapewa 1st priority.

So you did not want a recount, you wanted an audit? Si mungesema tu munataka an audit!