Guka Biden Amechukua Georgia Banaaaaa

Na vile kunaenda, by 7pm atakuwa amechukua Pennsylvania. Team Trump, what’s the way forward, tuzue rabsha, tungoje uamuzi wa mahakama, ama tujinyonge? @T.Vercetti and @Purple, your guidance is sorely needed in these trying times. Hii kitu naona the demented fool akishinda na 306 electoral votes. Sijui nifungue NGO ya “kutetea” women and LGBTQ rights, at least ni-profit from ile feminism na ushoga utakithiri in the next 4 years? Heneway, acha nipambane na njaa huku vumbistan kwanza.

Venye orange face anaona moshi

Hii kitu Biden anachukua. Konyagi atutolee curfew leo bana we celebrate this racist Trump amerudi Bondo


Trump assembled an incredible campaign machinery but made one blunder; discouraged his supporters from using early voting and mail-in votes as opposed to democrats. Even Obama was onboard asking democrats to vote early and via mail.

Then Trump fucked up on covid - but it didn’t matter. Americans love him.

:D:D:D wacha watu watulize ulcers kwanza, politics and supporting politicians aint a joke.

If people lose jobs, money (in markets), and homes (highest eviction rates) right before an election (for whatever reason including covid), they blame the incumbent president/government. In my opinion, Trump lost the election due to the economic effects of covid-19. He tried to bribe the electorate using stimulus packages but it didn’t work. The average man in the street blames his misfortunes on the government of the day. Trump never stood a chance in the current environment leading up to the election. That being said, miracles happen, so just wait for the final tally.

Covid yes, but in a unique manner. All he had to do is tell the public from day one to wear a mask. And observe all suggested health protocols. His bravado wouldnt let him do so. Even though he had time to correct his mistake. Once people in NY started dying, he should have jumped into it. Now with the deaths, he could have absolved himself. But no. “Mother****** I’m Trump”.

Trump will be’ clowned’ as pipos presdent

I’m starting to see parallels between covid-19 and the US election. Maybe the virus was meant to influence the outcome of the election in one way or another. By the way, Biden is pro-China.

Relax. Hakuna mbio. Hii kitu lazima ifanywe fine analysis. Don’t rush.

Legal votes.


Supporting trump and supporting arsenal, the thrill is the same - erect at the start but Erectile Disfunction sets in and spoils the party!

Worse if you are not getting a dime out of it. Worst when policies are being drafted against you as an immigrant and there you are yapping.

So why is this an issue now. Why didn’t Trump fight it before the election? Overconfidence perhaps?

Miguna² atanukisha gitúgúrú

Instead of litigating in court MAGATS are litigating on the same twitter they claim is biased and leftist. How sad can they get?

What does it even mean? As if china is a side that people must decide to like or not…


Kuharibike kunuke wasee wa texas, alabama, lousiana na florida watoke na millitary grade rifles waende wakutane na gangsters wa new yoke, California na washington …wenye watashinda America ni yao

Gangsters will be annihilated.