guilty or not......the ending

Being a member of the church youth group,i knew that it was only a matter of time till i was summoned by the pastors to give my story cz apparently the lady had told everyone i was reponsible for her pregnancy.I could not deny my own kid,but i couldn’t take responsibility of something i was sure i wasn’t responsible.Something had to be done,i had a reputation to maintain and a relationship to take care of.Finally i was summoned to appear before a group of pastors and the lady was called to give her story,to her,it was as simple as,cz i had ferked her i had to be responsible,to me,i could not deny i had slept with her,but i could prove i was not responsible,the girl had multiple fuckbuddies among them kenna being the mostcommon boyfriend,then there was a ugandan taekwondo student,Then a choir member and last there was always a dude who visited her several times on sundays and they always left together whenever he there was five of us.Nobody had seen this coming,she was told to explain about the others and when she finally opened up,it was clear she didn’t know who was responsible for her pregnancy.Her explanation was simple,among all the people she had slept with,i was the only one who was around and since she had to find somebody to take the responsibility,somebody had to sacrificed.kenna had moved to qatar,The ugandan had gone back to uganda and the choir dude was nolonger around,the visitor had moved to a different town and as much she would have loved not to involve me,she had no option but to look for a scapegoat,Out of curiousity i popped a question to her,“among us all,who was the last person to sleep with?”…she was ashamed and could not face me or any of the others in the room,but being around senior pastors,she was forced to answer the question.Her explanation was,she had slept with with kenna a week before he had left for qatar then me a week after he had left,then the ugandan,the choir guy then the frequent visitor who nobody really knew…apparently she had noticed she was pregnant after two months and was still being ferked by others…i was mad,i felt insulted,i felt cheap,she had ruined my relationship and my name in the midst of wanting to build something for herself,but the kid was innocent and was not to blame,a beautiful baby girl who had been put in the middle of all the mess,one who would never really know who her father was.
meanwhile kenna had gotten a hint of the dramas that was unfolding and instead of the nigga being mad,he was both happy and sad,happy that i had ferked her cz he had wanted something to use against her so he could end the relationship and sad that she was involving me in her dramas and when he was needed,he came through for a brother.
Four years later,minding my own business and having put the past behind me,i came across one pastor who had been among those who had summoned me.We did alot of catching up over a cup of tea and out of curiousity i asked about the lady.apparently she had stayed with her mother for sometimes and had finally found the unknown visitor settle down with her who willingly accepted the respinsibility.To her it was a marriage with a church wedding and all,
To me it was both a relief and question,a kid had foumd a daddy and the lady had found a home but what about,she had ruined my name but i took it as a man n let go,The tension had been taken care of.Everyone had found the peace of mind they had so much was just anothergood day.When kenna finally came home,Jay and aggy were there to welcome him,but he was in a dilemma,he didnt know who among the two was a wife material,when he asked me my answer was simple
‘none,these two are just izi material zingine but not close to being a wife material,just look for someone else but not these two’ n trust a brother he did find a wife material,then one day i got a strange call and upon receiving,it was aggy on the other end
‘sasa psalmy,we need to talk…’
'wrong number,this is not psalmy or whoever u are calling’and with that,i changed my number and moved from the house i was living in,no way i was getting myself involved with those bitches again


Fisked…Accept u are a deadbeat dad…pole kwa masaibu lakini.

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99% ya wanaume n madead beat na hawajui…i huess ata wewe ukiwa one of us

Am very sure of my paths my fren. Am a certified polygamist. I have two legal bomas. Anywhere else I pass through I leave no traces that can be levelled against me.

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what is your trick?

Where is Kenna? nice hekayas.

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Hapo ni ile vako ya Kuponyoka na Pickup na kupotea kama amekula Jackpots mzae

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Boychild 1 Girlchild ?

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Kenna is in Nairobi kenya happily married

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Hekaya iko sawa. Nimevumilia lack of paragraphs

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utahave kuvumilia zaidi

You have a way with words. Nice hekayas…

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Haikosi wewe ni mwalimu sanasana wa english.Hapa si shule uanze kuangalia mistakes…

Hekaya iko poa,wapi effidence hata kama ni imaginary sketch ya mary,aggy na huyo mwingine…hahahaaa

There’s some truth in your statement but certified Ktalk waalimu ni @gashwin na @Elgin. Paragraphs make reading easier on the eye of the reader


True, there’s no point writing a dense mass that people have difficulties reading. communication should be easy and correspondents should not expend energy that they would rather spend on digesting the message on finding it…

Upepo na teacher elgin

Nice Hekaya…next time usiache evidence…