Guests Of Shame

Unachukua watu ukifikiria mnaenda negotiations kumbe mnaenda eating competition.

So how about if we look at it this way, with ruracio tings you must remove some good money. Having these kind of guys who will ensure you get value for the dowry paid is not a bad idea after all. @Nyarwath you should have tagged along another pair of majamaa made from the same material

If the demolished the food like this, can you imagine how they crushed the puthiis za hio boma

Imagine I didn’t even know those guys, wasn’t expecting such from them


hio posa haiko kwetu

Its dying a natural death nowadays anyway, it was like a prenuptial of the sort

:D:D:D I can never tag a glutton along if I know one

Afadhali uwanunulie chakula huko nje washibe kabisa for damage control:D

@Nyarwath while you are here…the hekaya I was looking for was the one when your grandad asked you ‘how many times and you showed him by your fingers 2 times…’ Be kind please nimeitafuta nimechoka.

Pombe:D sijui itatupeleka aje lakini nita-report.

I’ll send you the link

:D:D:D:D:D:D manze umetuma nicheke kama Umbwa.

I can relate this when one guy would say “wuon Onyango, ere pilupilu”

:D:D:D:D and imagine tuko kwa in-laws

It was titled “Turnaround”

Hiyo haikuwa aibu ndogo ndogo. Ilikua aibu kubwa kubwa!:D:D:D

Thenkiu sana wacha niende nikacheke huko kama an idiot and save it for the grandshudren. There is one more unanidai…a short brief one and I got sooooooo excited. Think it was your bro’s wife caught cheating by you…

I was very surprised to hear one guy whispering to the other amsaidie na pilipili yet there was no pepper on the table. Kumbe, one of them had it inside his coat pocket.

:D:D:D:D:D:D. Omwami, I’m being collected under the table. This hekaya is hilarious.

That was called ‘Reintroduction’

@MANKY amesema what i was thinking,kukula food yenye umepikiwa mpaka ulambe vidole huwa inafurahisha wamama sana,may be they did you good and the in-laws knew they got the best men for their daughter. hebu siku moja khupipi apike the best food yenye hajapika for long,tuseme chapo na kuku halafu ukule ¼ chapo na unawe mikono uniambie kama hautakasirikiwa for a whole week