Guests not refugees

Because their language and even culture is very different compared to Luos, Acholi, Kalenjin, Turkana etc

Because of cross breeding with the Egyptians they became different from their ancestors. The nubian ancestors were pastrolist.
Nubian woman circa 1900

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Same thing with the Latinos, they will tell u how their Great Great Grandparents hailed from spain, despite their physical characters indicating otherwise.


There is legitimacy in that for most of them who are not purely native or black.

Spaniards left their seed in many countries in Latin America. Even some Filipinos have Spanish blood.

Yes. latinos are actually spaniards even though they have interbred with others. A white north american is right in claiming that he is ethnically a western european even though some mixing has occured.

Are Omanis or people of Omani origin Arabs? Because the so-called ‘Waarabu’ of the coast are descendent from Omanis who came to the coast.

Somalis are Cushites. Arabs are Semites.


Mambo ya kujilike inakujia wapi? When I say they cannot be distinguished from some Bantus? I am a proud African would exchange my tolerance to tropical weather for anything else.

yeah its very weird that some filipino have spanish names e.g De la Cruz

You are a sick idiot

This village is strange, so no one noticed the video’s essence?
The goodwill by Sudan to take in all those Syrians and integrate them into their society … sigh
Y’all busy arguing genetics and ancestry…

White Arab?? Isn’t this an oxymoron?

Nope Arabs are Brown, pangusa macho uwaangalie tena.

They were colonized by Spain for about 300 years.


Exactly what I mean. There isn’t a white Arab. Arabs are brown.

You can differentiate the difference between a Syrian and a qatari Arab, Syrian look more like Europeans. Not like the rest.

I have never noticed. But I would assume it’s because they neighbour Iran which isn’t an Arab nation but Persian. Persians are descended from the Aryan stock as a lot of Europe so it could be due to crossover blood but I could be wrong.

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Look at their President, he has auburn hair and blue eyes. As pointed by a talker they are arabized Armenians.

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persians are europeans of some sort. they are only muslims because they were converted by arab revolutionaries. they werent muslim till relatively recent times.