Guess whose back

Yeah it’s me. The following simpletons should be worried:

  1. @patco
  2. @kipuke
  3. @Ka-Buda
  4. @uwesmake
  5. @cortedivoire (the guy who buys it all for 150),
  6. @Jimit
  7. Stupid old fart @Abba
  8. @mundu_mulosi
  9. @Administrator
  10. I’ll add the rest as time goes by.

You are on notice. I repeat; you are on notice.

Welcome back @MIGUNA @Miguna_miguna AKA @Panyaste

Bring it on!

You and no 1, 2 &5 are the same skull.


@Simiyu I will circumcise you again. This time nitakata hiyo kitu nusu. Ujinga sipendi.