Guess who


siwezi toa more than 1k

:smiley: zebra

Hiyu usitoe hata ndururu

Boss …
That Booty needs no Introduction …

Ms Delly the Dream … :D:D





Bure. Only from the waist upwords to the face ndio iko poa. Hapana tambua land whales elephants

These days women think with their bootys

@ MOBI :
Ms Halimah here is probably more your kind of thing … :smiley:
BTW she is from the Garissa Abudwaq Clan but lives in Toronto , Canada.


Mifupa nayo apana. Plus wacha wale maislamu wajinga wapatane naye watamuua. They don’t encourage nudity.

More Somali Bones for the Hyenas in here … :smiley:

Ms Muna Mohammed


more pics prisssss sir

My type of women. At 40 they still look hot. The land whales that get posted here usually look like shapeless mammoths at 40, with some serious body weight related diseases.

Someone give this girl a sandwich.

More pics tafasali

Those Somali girls look emaciated

She looks daft to me.