Guess what they are writing down

Na hakuna njaa

Commander @32. I guess his ‘Korean sheng’ can’t be understood by his mboys. …

Yenyewe sycophancy ni maisha magumu! :frowning:

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The guy is thate too,and he makes people in the world sit up and listen to his boochit. Saa singine the gods wanakuwanga unfair…haki


no. the gods have a sense of humor

Fine. Sense of humour in an unfair way…

family biz

I don’t think so! Those they want to humiliate, they first elevate!


What you talking about otmowhatever? This guy’s grandfather and father were presidents of North Korea. With the help of USSR and later Russia they kept the West (read The USA,Britain and Nato plus Japan and South Korea) on their toes for over five decades. This guy is just continuing traditions. Keeping everyone guessing. Soma history boss
In the meantime ngoja humiliation. Ikicome itakuwa mnyanyee

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I’m actually aware of how the Kim dynasty has ruled North Korea but how did they end up? They are/were lonely drunkards who carefully controlled what they wanted the world to believe/ think about them. The present Kim is no different.

Percetion Otmo. Perception. Its not about what you think of them,its about what they think about themselves…

his words become law…you have to write it down for future references…akisema kesho ni kunyamba day…it must be gazetted

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kim john um ama anaitwa aje? naskiachele yake inaangaliangwa every grain

no. the gods have a wicked sense of humor

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Someone close to him will do him! I mean like they did Kabila snr.

Kabila snr employed Tutsi bodyguards and he learnt the hard way what it means to be Kagame’s puppet.

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Huyu ni ng’ombe tu kama nyang’au zingine hapa Afrika.

This is what time magazine called him.