Guess ule mboy anaenda wapi?

Nitoke kile niende kuishi kwa projects majuu are fucking kidding me?..You level of inferiority complex is too damn high.

I actually I agree with you.

Huh?my brother inlaw is american he was raised in the project untill he was 19… i have good idea of what living in the projects looks like.

He was talking about European social housing for the poor. Apart from the high crime rates, they get water, power and other services on time compared to high class neighborhoods here in Kenya.

Its not reason enough to move from kile to a hood in Europe.

ok…in all the photos you post, there are either few or no people…Is it that that country has a very low population, is it that people are always indoors, is it that you work in a different shift than the other people so thats why no free people when you are free?
Comparing the hustle and bustle of nairobi, isn’t that place lonely…very lonely? isn’t that place a recipe for depression

Thank you for your insight into my life sir/madam

I still cannot wrap my head around this statement

Ghetto za majuu (social housing) zinashinda places ka kile/westy etc and things like roads, electric, water and basic human neccessities work like clockwork. I know where I would rather live.

Panyaste is a casual laborer

The housing projects nowadays in many major cities have been upgraded into single family homes.

He’s right. You would be shocked. They’re not those tall housing projects they had in the past. The reason they also did this was an effort to reduce crime, which has happened by that initiative from HUD (Dept of Housing & Urban Development).

:D:D:D:D:D:D He had already engaged defense mode . Oops

Tena sana.

Pole @ Wu Tang, nilikua nimeshika nare

Kwa hivyo @Panyaste anaroll na hoodrat wa majuu? I knew there was a financial angle to it. I am not surprised :D:D

Wewe naye umekuwa obsessed na panyaste…you seem bitter retarded with your life…get a grip

??? Umerudi na handle ingine…what’s your usual handle??

Brown skin omba mboro polepole

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