Guardiola is a genius


Apana tambua

hes one of the most decorated managers in history
In his 6 season with city he has been English Champion 4 times

4 x English Champion
4 x League Cup winner
1 x FA Cup winner
2 x Community Shield winner

While Pep has produced the best managers so far, the great sir Alex managed to produce football pundits…watu wamdomo tu. We saw what Ole gunner did. Kazi ilimshinda.

Do you know in Ole’s full seasons at Man Utd he finished 3rd and 2nd respectively, he took Man United to a series of semi-finals as well as Europa finals with the likes of Maguire, Lindelof, Fred, ighalo, mctominay etc

“I told my wife, my agent. We ruined everything. They played in Paris with children, with De Gea, Lukaku and Rashford; the others were young. We screwed up mentally. This is probably the biggest regret of my career. We were very strong, a mega-team." ~ Gianluigi Buffon

the only thing remaining is winning the most prized possession in european club football the Uefa Champions League with the citizens
it will be the 26th time an english club plays in the UCL final if city manages to make it to the final in Istanbul

Hio kelele rudishia mbotch Kwa bed sitter. You were out in your rightful place.

Hii mambo ya kujaribu kutafsiri next best managers,wachana nayo.There will always be a shiny new toy each year,so list itazidi kuwa refu.Lakini time ndio itaonyesha ukweli,hii clickbait,wachia casual fans na newbies.

Ole gunnar always spanked fraudiola’s bald head. Gave him the most beatings in a season by a single manager.

ile kesi ya corruption City will be deducted 25 points, tuchukue ligi. ligi ni yetu mupende musipende

:D:D Manjesta fans attacking a die hard Arsenal FC fan. Tukijua mahali tuko juu ya meza though it’s for a while…tunawacheki tu


Wakili Uwes, hio kesi imefikia wapi?

Top of the table? City wakicheza game in hand,SI mtakuwa hiviFubCKAQaIAA-sW3.jpeg

tuko mwisho, Mancity wako mitigation wakilia .

Hio kesi iharakishwe

Arsenal FC prepared us psychologically, the three draws zilifanya tukatulia

ligi ni yetu msee, this has been confirmed by inside sources. CITY 25 points deduction na EPL haina appeal kama other leagues , kesi ikiisha ni final .

:D:D Kitu unatumia imeanza kukuharibikia.

Ngumu haiweskani

Because he coaches big teams only