Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol 3

We all know Marvel has been going down the drain since endgame, everything they have released post endgame has been mostly highly disappointing or just okay.
Guardians of the galaxy movies are some of my favorite mcu movies since they don’t tie in to the bigger mcu machine so i was curious to see what James Gunn does with this last film.
This film is proof that the mcu is at it’s best when it stops focusing on multiverses and trying to make each movie a connecting tissue to the next big thing.
Vol.3 is full of emotion, and it’s a love letter to these characters and a goodbye.
The entire ensemble is amazing and the story focuses on Rocket and his backstory, if you are an animal lover, this film is gonna make u feel some type of way, hell even cry. Rocket has always been my favorite and after seeing this film, and you go back and watch the first 2, everything Rocket does and says makes so much sense now, especially a line he says in the first film.
Overall this is a top mcu film and will be one of my favorites in a long time.
Can’t wait to see what James Gunn does over at DC with his talent and vision.

Watched it yesterday at Junction mall 10pm… tear rolled so many times …last being when … finally met his dad when he went back home

Just watched it, its redeemed the marvel franchise. Thor love and thunder put them in a hole.

Fuuck. I dont like to hear this. I was hoping the marvel would just die

haha i am not sure marvel is safe yet, this was James Gunn’s vision that’s why it’s good, and he’s gone now, the next movie is The Marvels which i have a feeling won’t do so well.
I think either way it’s kind of a loss to marvel, because if it does well box office wise which am sure it will, then it will be a shame on them they ever let James Gunn go in the first place.

:smiley: Why though? They used to be really good I hope they can return to form. The Winter Soldier is in my top ten favourite movies of all time.

What I would like though is to see fantasy films come back: The Mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings… etc. Just a good ass fantasy trilogy. I wonder if there’s any audience left for that kind of thing.

Bro youre talking. This are my all time greats and I love them to bits. Can never tire to watch them. But umesahau kuongeza LotR. I think there’s generally insufficient material to create such movies seeing as they are all box office greats

Superheroes too over… That’s the in thing…

They were trying to milk the AP as much as possible… The Thanos movie to me was the last good MCU Movie…

they are in another mess with Jonathan Majors, they put all their eggs in one basket with him for the next couple of movies as Kang, turns out my dude is violent and beats the shit out of women, but we don’t know the full story yet. I don’t know they may have to recast him or something

Well he is simply living his character…

Naenda kuwoch hii sai in 3d courtesy of this thread.

what did you think?

Sijaenda kuwoch. But nikicheki lazima nilete review.

The problem with MCU after endgame is that Disney mostly hired poor writers who are focused on American race, sex and gender politics and they poorly shove it in movies. James Gunn is different because he is actually a good writer and inakaa he was given a lot of freedom to execute his vision.
Unfortunately wadua after this ni The Marvels which doesn’t look good. Disney is still killing the MCU.

The audience is still there. I suspect Harry porter series and Lord of the rings movie will perform well since they are owned by WB. Pirates of the Caribbean will tank because current Disney will mess up with gender and race swaps, hawa watu wamekuwa Netflix 2.0:D.