Guardian Angel - Men are hypergamous

I was wondering how a young Kenyan celeb can hook up with 50 years old lady with 3 kids his age. Kumbe the madam works for the UN. Niskie mtu akiimbaa hapa how women are hypergamous.

Womans ndio hypergamous.

Young King ndio reason she’s even making news.

If it wasn’t for that young ddick, no one will give a ffuck if she works in UN, or even in heaven itself

You missed the memo on Kenyan celebs so called young kangs are broke, busted and disgusted. Hakuna hypergamy if you don’t have money, cash is King, making news in Kenya means nothing, have you seen where Ethic lives, Sijui ni kasabuni ama ni wapi.

Puhahahaaa Young Kangs Indeed more like Broke ass wannabes.

What did I tell you about men? All the things you call women you are just projecting what you are. Nyinyi ndio the biggest gold diggers, the greatest umbwa Malaya. At least now we know who is a gospel artist na wale wako hapo kutumia Mungu kufanya Umalaya na kutafuta sponyo. Ati young Kang. Which king do you know who is being supported by a woman? Kubali your real title which is umbwa Malaya which will go to the highest bidder. God is exposing this fake gospel artist one by one. Kang of Umalaya. Atafanywa kama Mbugua ule wa Wambui Otieno. Fake ass gold diggers mwanaume ako na makende mbili anategemea mwanamke.

Do you know how many broke ass young men in Kenya will kill their grandmother to get a woman who works at UN? Or any other established woman for that matter? They are sooo many. In fact she will soon be getting hit on by younger, more handsome youngins sio mtu kama huyu Hana hata sura. She can thank him for the free publicity she will soon be spoilt for choice. Men nowadays do not want to work hard, they want to be kept by older wealthy women. The man is even too ugly, she will soon get one that looks like a model.