GSU deployed at Eldoret Airport as KRA Official Protect Criminal Gangs

According to the local papers GSU were deployed to the Eldoret Airport following a stand-off between KRA officials and police officers stationed there as a result of a raid that exposed the collusion between officials and criminals.

The raid took place following allegations that drugs concealed as vitamins were being trafficked at the airport frequently.

Officials are aiding criminals to import illegal substances, to cause addictions. Does life in prison still exist? KRA requires a complete purge including at the port of Mombasa where containers disappear without a trace.

The nation has been left baffled when young people go out partying only to be found dead in the morning on the sofa and others driving into an early death; invisible substances being acquired for recreation are very dangerous.

KRA officials probably need high level security clearance, and with terms that legally bound them to the highest duty of care.

Mwai wa Kibaki had closed down that Airport as it was the mostly used for tax evasion and other shady deals.
I guess, the much ground that the country covered towards streamlining Kenya, has been lost under the dynamic duo.

I have always said our Airports shouldn’t be manned by ordinary KRA employees…
We should have a special unit , a multi agency unit from NIS, NPS and KRA…officers whose loyalty to this country is unquestionable…these agency should handle our airports and ports…
KRA employees aid tax evasion at the ports, allow illegal sugar from Somalia etc , they are a threat to our national security.
KRA ndio shida hii nchi

Those KRA officials should be executed by a firing squad.

All yo, ur comments are spot on. Those cartels also widen the gap btwn the reach and the pour

-Just heard about those mantrax drugs today…
-kra people ball hard…

How many of you would refuse a cash bribe of 1,5 million to allow one container to pass thru without proper papers?

Me. The only problem is, I will get my head sliced in the process.

This unit will need to man sea ports, all road blocks, police stations, office ya registration and immigration, hospitals, knec…
We just need the kawaida citizen to love his country more than his pocket

Or institutions to begin working as assigned.

And then we can all live within our pockets bila pressure

your wife will be given creampies by another man and your kids will call another man daddy

sasa,wewe unaongea juu ya hard drugs, na pombe jee? Juzi walioneshana kwa TV nyumba iko na illicit liquor huko Meru. The cops and govt. chemist took the news people for a tour in the massive home. The owner was apparently repackaging expired napoleon’s brandy from as far back as 1997 and 2003. Hundreds of cartons in the house. Apparently pombe expired huwa haimwagwi. Ndio maana watu wanakunywa wanalewa kama mad men. And as usual he had rolls of kebs stickers.

The chemist said that tests showed that some of the booze was so poisonous it was even dangerous to breath the fumes.

Spirits (whiskey, vodka) do not expire. They have an infinite shelf life

buda umekunywa poison usijitetee. Ulishameza zamani. And you are right about the infinite shelf life na huyo chemist ali describe vizuri sana that even from the get go, you can’t be certain that that 1997 or 2003 napoleons brandy was a genuine product to start with. Kitu inaoza hadi inanuka.

And Mututho asked a very good question recently, ndio ni ukweli watu wanakunywa “brandy” (in very huge quotation marks) from local legitimate companies… lakini hizi companies, wanatengeneza aje hio brandy na hakuna vineyards Kenya? How do they make brandy without grapes?! Ni nini hii Wakenya wanakunywa haswa? That’s not brandy!!

So, inaweza itwa brandy but it could be anything… pure ethanol for starters.

And there was also the fact that during repackaging at that house who knows what other chemicals were being added? Na haikuwa napoleons pekee. Kulikuwa na hadi hizi cheap wines and other drinks.

@vuja de anafanya KEBS anajua hizi vitu

Exactly, questionable wealth

kwanza wewe na vile una floss hapa na machupa, zile vitu umekunywa… smh in pity.

Omba Mungu. Na ndio maana unaimba hangover mbaya. Umekunywa hadi ile varnish ya mbao. Na paint thinner. Na vuja de anakuwekea seal of approval kwa chupa.

Whiskey and vodka will go bad. You know why, in order to age whiskey, you must store it away from sunlight. And once whiskey is removed from the original cask to be bottled, it stops aging and begins to deteriorate. I read somewhere 2 years is the shelf life.

That’s why you freeze (yes I know alcohol can’t freeze)it or keep it very cold.