AM tired of my little body, talkers how can i bulk up quickly are their any supplimments i could use.? saidia mimi , i guy who cannot enter a cub without producing an id

Ongea na @Kihii Kiaganu…

Fanya exersice Shenzi

hGH is available


Ngoja udevelop hips na matiti after umemeza hizo dawa

If its not broken dont fix it. I dont see why you should poison your body with steriods yet you can find a good trainer/ nutritionist to help you achieve your ideal body size.

Vaa T-shirts nne, koti tatu, trousers sita, na stilettos. It works.


Ukipata hair growth hormone niambie

pubic hair imekataa ku grow:D

Halafu atatembea kama mtu ako na kilp kumi za mavi kwa suruali

Remove the word quickly from that sentence. Otherwise expect major side effects .
Build up a routine, exercise and eat well, get enough rest and you’ll start to see results after three weeks .
Note 4 meals a day at least, balanced diet , portions of protein, veggies and carbs.
Do your research man, stop the shortcuts .
I know guys who took supplements and stopped working out, now they all got fat with big bellies and can’t manage their weight.
By the way all supplements require that you work out while consuming .

Kujieni kipara mwenzenu
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Meat and ugali 3 times a day, that’s breakfast, lunch and supper.
Within 3 months you will notice the difference.

Roger that…

Kipara italeta slay queens.

5 healthy meals a day

5? Kwani wewe ni baboon?