Growing up I always wanted a motorcycle....

…Now not so much.


tafuta kama hii,ride at 10 miles an hour.Kunguru yote ya kenya ni yako.Hii haitaki makasiriko:D

The last one reminds me of Road rash.



Motorcycles are actually a very exciting mode of transportation. Here is a photo of musito @Pomegranates captured by paparazzi in Zimbabwe as he was riding his Harley Davidson chopper:

Being ferried in the backseat is his alter ego @Pomegranate

@captain obvious tulia bana mtoi wa poko

:smiley: mike kalikuwa kanapotea potepote, police ingine hapo fala tu sana.

nduthi sacco aka kawasaki sacco


but ilkua fun kuchapa huyo karao

Sana :D:D, unampiga teke alafu unatoka mbio. Ile chase ilikuwa inafuata, wacha tu.

Spiritual successor ya Road Rage.

Never learnt to ride motorcycles, too scared of them… Is it true at KNH there exists an entire wing in their honor

I have heard that every major hospital has a wing for motorcycle accidents nowadays

Today in the afternoon I nearly mowed down this kid on a bike with two passengers, no indicators at all… not even the outstretched arm.

The guy just abruptly turned right as I was overtaking, now I’m wondering if it’s a shakedown bait.