Groundbreaking DNA analysis first Britons had “dark to black” skin

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The first modern Britons, who lived about 10,000 years ago, had “dark to black” skin, a groundbreaking DNA analysis of Britain’s oldest complete skeleton has revealed,………… People of white British ancestry alive today are descendants of this population.


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Life began in Africa.
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You might be surprised…

The current population of Britons all came from elsewhere.
Maybe the Dark skinned blue eyed Britons were the first homo sapiens (There were Neanderthals before them) but they have nothing to do with the Celts (the first modern Britons who are what give them red hair) Romans and the Germanic people who dominate Britain today.The Celts came from Continental Europe while the Germanics were either the Proto Europeans of Scandanavia or the South Germanics of Central Asia.

Smh. That’s hearsay

How is it hearsay when most Britons are divided EXACTLY across those four lines???The Welsh and the Western and Northern Englanders have Celtic DNA.They all have the same genetic clustures as the Scots and Irish who ARE Celtic.This is shown by the predominance of gene R1b-L21(there are other Celtic genes but this is by far the most predominant)
All Britons are predominantly Germanic with the R1b-U106 being the predominant gene.This is the Gene that came with the Saxons,Angles and Danes.
Gene I is Scandanavian Germanic which is 26% of the British Gene pool and is predominant in Eastern UK especially in former Northumbria.
Depending of the region in the South a few areas Brotons have Roman blood (the super dark haired Britons,Germanics usually do not have that).
The beauty of Genetics is that it does not lie.

I know that the dark man gene is the most stable.