Gross impunity

NDFK stands for National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya.[ATTACH=full]220038[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]220039[/ATTACH]
watu wananulia wengine magari,wengine ni bank wananunua…

Maybe Hana ukucha moja so Bado she qualifies.

Learn to see beyond your nose… she is there to mobilize resources.

She had actually taken help from the fund to the Special Unit of the school. But the spitefulness of some Kenyans!
So @ChifuMbitika you think she was dancing ndio apewe wheelchair moja?

mzae, salimika

No. Rather, she is the chairperson. That’s the point.

So? She has been since Moi time.

disabled sio limbs pekee.

Unaweza kuwa disabled hakiri - kama mama ingine niliona posts zake hapa.


Na hujataja mtu au sio?