Grogon mechanics to be relocated to Thika rd

Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) has announced plans to relocate the more than 20,000 mechanics from Grogan to a site sandwiched between Utalii College and Mathari Hospital on Thika Road.

The site has already been sealed off and the construction of roads that mechanics and their customers will use has started.
The site will also have sheds for mechanics, ablution blocks and other amenities.
“We have a designated place along Thika Road, which we have now acquired. If you go to Utalii you will see an area sealed off. That is the area we intend to move all the mechanics you see in Grogan and Ngara to. We have engaged them and their groups and they are all willing to move into a proper and organised place,” the NMS boss said.

Good, this is what planning is all about. All kibandas and sheds have to be planned well if we ware to talk of a city. Next should be the furniture guys on Ngong road towards Lenana school. And the Muthurwa/Wakulima area is also an eye sore…

I agree let us have an organized city


20,000? hehe really, that number is hugely exaggerated

hapo sawa we cant have thugs hiding near CBD

The death of kirinyaga road

Wacha ujinga. Do you know how a grouping of 20,000 people looks like?

Kwanza hao furniture guys apo Ngong road. Ukiwa na mechanical problem kwa moti itabidi tu upark kwa barabara adi mechanic akam kusort.

Na si juzi mlikuwa mnasema general alshabab arudi barracks?

I fear the same

Hautawahi skia Kirinyaga rd tena for sure. Hiyo itawachiwa wahindi

Na pia Uhuru park (now Green Park…)

i think just death in terms of mechanics and car repair.

real estate will boom in the next few years if they are relocated. this will come with a new Koinage street/kuosha macho.